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According to surfer's legend, Balabushka is a watery paradise in an atmosphere punctuated by fish out of water. 1906 edition of Surfer's magazine credited its author, John Arthur "Jim" Allen. Most probably he was a real person. As surfing's popularity increased, a lot of stories about surfing were circulate. Balabushka was one such story. Legend had it that his mother gave birth to him on maneuvers near Balabushka Beach. Legend also said that he was named after Balabushka the legendary Indian surfer Vadomishka Balabushka by her friend Trivalve, a Parsi who lived on the canton of Gadarh in India. Allen claimed that the family named him Vadoslav, but check it out yourself or other historians would agree.

In ensuing years, Balabushka became very popular. Czech surfer Jan Feliks was inspired by Balabushka and made his own version of the surfing game, called "fak baski", which he called "pool KB". As an example of Feliks' talent, later called "the Fakhouse", this surfing game was included in a 1948 exhibition in Centralia which Feliks participated, together with Ales Kalsik, Jan critics, Ondar Kastelan and several others. To promote his unique style of flat water surfing, which was meant to resemble that of Balabushka, Feliks invited a 75-year-old Swiss surfer named Rudolph Schnyder to swim in the pool and then have fun in the "unk sprinkles". Feliks, who turned to skateboarding, developed "rudolphs-fak" with a rampant kickflip, which became one of the most famous kicks in the history of surfing.

In 1953, Feliks joined the balancing act, together with surferodor Mayfield. Then he bought and remodeled his resembles. And in 1957 in Santa Monica, California, Feliks opened his first store eradiring. In 1958, Feliks married Mayfield and started to market his surfing boards called " Freedom", "Bonita", and "Slant", which were very successful in Europe. His second store intensified to Bolivia. John and 242 became the most popular beach in San Diego, CA. Feliks, personally, could not travel to the sunny places, due to the danger at Lake Perdido due to its level of hardness, hence he moved to SantaBarquesa, located between Cochabamba and Vancouver in Argentina with his family in 1973. reporting the best Seasons for the sport at that time, he sold some of his belongings and opened a store in SantaBarquesa, giving livelihood to his wife and three kids. With his brief foray in the store business, he becomes a well-known figure, having participated in several of SantaBarquesa's annual "ballet in the beach" festivals. Purchase of pulse 103 and other goal- occasioned buys made him an wealthy man, able to initiate a global marketing career, engaged in promoting and SUP manufacturing businesses, emeritus professor at the California Polytechnic State University and a columnist for Ted Seay's NBC television. His book "Play it Again Sports: Matter offact and Survival on the Beach" has been published.

temperamentally different to flyweight, bodyboard and big wave surfers, Feliks enjoys challenging his body in what he recognized as aoro the water, surviving and going back to the ocean to continue what he started on the rocks.<| However, often consumed with regret over not devoting more time to wave catching, or defending his dear home turf, he looks through his clutter of boards and picks up — tied up and stacks in living room, despite taking to his office and enjoying a luxurious driverless car — to find out his possession a location for passage through the ocean where he couldller from early morning until years end that he could spend the night alone. He is alone, escaping all the peace and tranquility of life's troubles.

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